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How to Build a Great Brand 

Branding is a term that has been thrown around in the business world for decades. But what does it truly mean to build a great brand? Let’s dive deep into the essence of branding and how to cultivate a brand that resonates with audiences.

Understanding the Essence of a Brand

Let’s begin by defining a brand as “the abstraction in our minds that we associate with an entity.” It’s not just about a logo or a catchy slogan. It’s about the feelings, thoughts, and perceptions that people associate with a company or product. A brand is not about advertising or publicity. It’s about the emotions and perceptions that reside in the hearts and minds of people. It’s what they think or feel about you after interacting with your product or service.

The Patreon Brand: Creator-First Example

Patreon is a “creator-first organization.” Unlike many platforms that prioritize advertisers, Patreon puts creators at the forefront. This distinction is crucial in today’s digital landscape, where creators often feel like they’re not the primary focus of the platforms they use.

The Problem with the Attention Economy

In the attention economy, time spent becomes the key metric. In such an ecosystem, creators are incentivized to produce more and more content, leading to burnout and a focus on quantity over quality. This “content treadmill” can be detrimental to creators who feel the pressure to constantly feed the algorithm.

The Shift Towards Value

However, there’s hope. We’ll see a shift towards content that is truly valuable to audiences. Instead of clickbait and “candyish” content, creators will produce content that is inspiring, moving, and meaningful.

Building a great brand goes beyond logos and marketing campaigns. It’s about understanding your audience, prioritizing their needs, and delivering value consistently. It’s about being creator-first and focusing on producing content that truly resonates. In a world saturated with content, brands that prioritize quality over quantity and value over virality will stand out and thrive.

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