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The Voyage of SuperYacht Times: Navigating the Waters of Print and Digital Media

The yachting industry, with its opulence and grandeur, has always been a subject of fascination. But behind the gleaming exteriors of these luxury vessels lies a tale of perseverance, innovation, and adaptability. One such story is that of SuperYacht Times, a beacon for yacht enthusiasts worldwide.

Note: The article comes from SuperYacht Times: A Deep Dive with Founder Merijn de Waard

The Beginning

Merijn de Waard‘s fascination with yachts began at a young age. As he recalls, “I was always interested in yachts. I started SuperYacht Times when I was 16.” This early interest laid the foundation for what would become a leading platform in the yachting industry.

Growth Over Time

The growth of SuperYacht Times was not without its challenges. Merijn mentions, “I started it as a hobby, and it grew from there. We now have 10 people working for us.” This growth was fueled by a combination of dedication, hard work, and a keen understanding of the industry’s needs.

The Genesis of SuperYacht Times

Merijn de Waard’s journey began in 2005 when he identified a gap in the market for a digital platform dedicated to superyachts. Unlike traditional magazines, SuperYacht Times was envisioned as a dynamic, real-time source of information. But the transition from digital to print wasn’t straightforward. As Merijn recalls, “For our website, we had to produce stuff every day… but in the newspaper, we had the opportunity to create more in-depth content.”

Over the years, SuperYacht Times has evolved to cater to the changing dynamics of the yachting world. Merijn emphasizes the importance of adapting to the times, stating, “We have to change. We have to adapt. We have to be innovative.” This adaptability has been a key driver in the platform’s success.

The Power of Print

Despite the digital age, there’s an undeniable charm to print media. For SuperYacht Times, print offered three distinct advantages:

  • Depth of Content: The newspaper format allowed for more in-depth articles, providing readers with comprehensive insights.
  • Branding: Physical copies served as tangible brand ambassadors. As Merijn puts it, “I can take a pack of these newspapers and give them to people, and they see ‘ah, SuperYacht Times’.”
  • Advertising: Many companies still value print advertising, and having both print and digital portfolios proved beneficial.

Adventures and Risks

Merijn’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. One notable venture was an event in London’s Saatchi Gallery. Despite initial enthusiasm, the event faced financial hurdles. But Merijn’s determination saw it through, and while it was a financial strain, it was a valuable learning experience. “It was almost a cool experience,” he reflects, emphasizing the importance of risk-taking but also the need for financial prudence.

Changing Tides in the Yachting Industry

Over the years, the Superyacht industry has witnessed significant changes. The number of yachts has tripled, with designs becoming more innovative. Explorer boats, which were almost non-existent in 2005, have gained popularity. The rise of social media has also influenced yacht designs and destinations, with owners seeking unique experiences.

Networking: The Anchor of Success

Merijn emphasize the importance of networking in the yachting industry. It’s a “people business,” as Merijn puts it. Building relationships, understanding the market, and being patient are crucial for success.

SuperYacht Times stands as a testament to the power of adaptability, innovation, and perseverance. For those venturing into the world of magazines or the yachting industry, Merijn’s journey offers invaluable lessons. In his words, “If you start a business in the superyacht industry, you need to be patient and persistent.”

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