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4 Signs Your Marine Strategy Might Be Off Course

In the vast expanse of the marine industry, having a clear and actionable strategy is crucial. Whether you’re navigating the challenges of ship maintenance, marine logistics, or coastal services, a well-defined strategy can be your compass. However, in the marine sector, it’s easy to get lost in the waves of buzzwords and misdirection. Here’s a deep dive into the four signs that your marine service strategy might be off course, and how to steer back to clearer waters.

Buzzword Overload

“Your strategy is having a ton of buzzwords… without real meat and content behind it.”

In the marine world, terms like “sustainable shipping,” “green logistics,” and “digital transformation” are thrown around frequently. But are these just buzzwords, or do they have actionable plans behind them? For instance, if your strategy emphasizes “sustainable shipping” but lacks a clear roadmap for reducing carbon emissions or implementing eco-friendly practices, it’s inflated. A strategy should be more than just jargon; it should provide a tangible direction.

Ignoring the Real Problems

“Your strategy is actually missing the real problem… concentrate and think about the adoption of that product in the current status out there.”

Consider the example of Tesla’s supercharger network. Electric vehicles were not new when Tesla entered the market, but the lack of a robust charging infrastructure was a significant impediment to their adoption. Similarly, in the marine sector, introducing a state-of-the-art vessel tracking system is great, but if ports aren’t equipped to integrate with this technology, its adoption will be hindered. Your strategy should not only focus on the product or service but also on its adoption and the challenges therein.

Confusing Goals with Strategy

“You are mistaking your goals for a strategy… that’s a goal, that is not a strategy.”

Wanting to increase your fleet size by 20% or reduce fuel consumption by 30% are commendable goals. However, they are not strategies. A strategy outlines the steps and actions to achieve these goals. For instance, a strategy might involve investing in fuel-efficient engines or partnering with other marine services for shared logistics.

Lack of Execution Plan

“Having a strategy that really doesn’t set action… you have to make sure that you are setting what are going to be those follow-up works.”

A strategy without execution is like a ship without a captain. It’s essential to have a clear roadmap outlining how you’ll achieve your marine goals. This might involve training sessions, technological upgrades, or new partnerships. Moreover, once the strategy is set, it’s crucial to track its progress through KPIs to ensure you’re on the right course.

Bonus Tip: Once your strategy is in place and the execution plan is clear, set up measurable goals. Monitor these through KPIs to ensure you’re addressing the challenges effectively. 

The marine industry requires a well-thought-out strategy to navigate its challenges. By recognizing these warning signs and making the necessary course corrections, you can ensure that your marine strategy is not just floating aimlessly but sailing towards success. Don’t let your strategy be a road to nowhere.

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