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5 Essential Habits of a Stellar Sales Team

In the competitive world of sales, where precision and reliability are paramount, the difference between a good and a great sales team often boils down to a few key habits. These habits, are fundamental yet powerful, and can transform the way your team operates.

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1. Fostering a Team Mentality

A great sales team operates not as a collection of individuals, but as a cohesive unit. This means sharing not only successes but also losses. It’s the most impactful when the top sales dog who doesn’t close a deal shows up at the team meeting and says, ‘Hey, this is what happened and here’s why we didn’t win.’ Let’s talk about it. This vulnerability and openness lead to collective growth and improvement.

2. Regular Role-Playing

The best teams don’t shy away from role-playing; they embrace it. I meet weekly with some of the best communicators in the world, and we role-play for an hour. It’s about getting those reps in, refining skills, and preparing for every possible scenario.

3. Reviewing Sales Calls

Just like athletes watch game tapes, the best sales teams review their sales calls. This practice helps in understanding personal ticks, gauging talk-listen ratios, and improving overall communication skills. Watch one of your own calls per month and one of your teammates’ calls per month. This habit is crucial for self-improvement and team improvement.

4. Gaining Peer Status with Buyers

A key habit that sets apart great sales teams is their ability to gain peer status with buyers. This involves asking provocative questions and engaging in real conversations rather than just selling a product. The second that I show up and I’m not like, ‘Alright, let’s get into it,’ I’ve given the power to the buyer. It’s about being seen as an equal and a guide, not just a salesperson.

5. Proactively Working on Communication

Great sales teams obsess over how they communicate. They understand that effective communication is not just about what is said, but how it’s delivered. If our presence is not top-notch, if we don’t captivate folks with our speech and our pace, we are no different than a robot. This habit involves continuous refinement of both the content and delivery of communication.

Fostering a team mentality, regular role-playing, reviewing sales calls, gaining peer status with buyers, and proactively working on communication – are the pillars that can elevate a sales team from good to great. Implementing these habits requires dedication and a willingness to continuously improve, but the payoff is a more effective, cohesive, and successful sales team. Remember, we all just did the basics a lot and got really good at it. That’s the secret to greatness in sales.

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