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Crafting Emails That Reach Their Destination

In the vast ocean of digital communication, where emails are the vessels carrying your message, it’s crucial to ensure they navigate successfully to the inbox harbor, not lost in the spam folder abyss. Understanding the art of email deliverability is as essential as charting a safe course through treacherous waters.

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Understanding the Currents: Google’s Email Filters

Google’s sophisticated algorithms, discern between wanted and unwanted emails. Google’s filter has gotten better at figuring out what people WANT and what they DON’T want. This means if your emails are ending up in spam, they’re sending signals that recipients aren’t interested.

Setting the Right Course: Email Expectations

It’s about setting and meeting expectations. If a subscriber anticipates a monthly newsletter but receives daily emails, they’re likely to mark them as spam. Set expectations for your receiver upfront. Inform them about the content and frequency of your emails. This alignment of expectations ensures your emails are welcomed, not seen as an intrusion.

Crafting the Ship: The Framework of a Good Email

  • Use Your Own Domain: Just as a ship proudly bears the flag of its home country, use your business domain for sending emails. This builds a reputation and trust, which are crucial for email deliverability.
  • Avoid Deceptive Tactics: Tricks like adding “FWD:” to subject lines might increase open rates temporarily, but they erode trust. This trick will make your recipient lose trust in you. In the marine industry, where trust is a cornerstone, straightforward and honest communication is vital.
  • Emails with Purpose: Every email should have a clear objective. Some of the worst performing emails…are emails that have NO PURPOSE. Ensure your emails provide value, whether it’s an update, offer, or insightful information.
  • Personalization: Write your emails as if addressing one person, not a crowd. This personal touch can make a significant difference in how your message is received.
  • Use Email Automation Wisely: Use email automation to deliver content that resonates with your audience. Use data to understand what content engages your audience and tailoring your emails accordingly.

Pruning the Crew: Managing Your Email List

An essential aspect of email management is keeping your list engaged. If someone isn’t engaging with your emails, then don’t send emails to them. This practice not only improves engagement rates but also ensures your emails are more likely to be welcomed by those who are genuinely interested.

Charting a Successful Email Journey

In the marine industry, where the margin for error is slim, and the need for clear, effective communication is high, applying these principles to your email strategy can make a significant difference. By understanding and respecting your audience’s preferences, maintaining a trustworthy and straightforward approach, and leveraging technology to enhance personalization, your emails will not only avoid the spam folder but will also be eagerly anticipated and read by your audience.

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