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Diversity and Inclusion in Yachting

The yachting industry, often synonymous with luxury and opulence, conceals beneath its surface a myriad of challenges, particularly for women and those from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Margarita’s candid interview offers a deep dive into these challenges, shedding light on the often-overlooked issues that persist in this niche sector.


The allure of the yachting world, with its gleaming vessels and pristine waters, often overshadows the underlying challenges faced by its workforce. While the industry might project an image of inclusivity and progress, the experiences of women like Margarita paint a different picture, one that demands attention and introspection.


  • Barrier to Entry:
    • Margarita’s journey into the yachting realm was fraught with obstacles. It took her an astounding nine years to gain recognition, a testament to the systemic barriers that deter many women, especially those from diverse backgrounds.
    • Beyond the professional hurdles, financial constraints play a significant role. The costs associated with accessing industry hubs, such as Monaco or London, can be prohibitive, further restricting opportunities for many aspiring professionals.
  • Tokenism and Superficial Representation:
    • The industry’s approach to diversity often leans towards tokenism. Placing a single woman in a position of authority without genuinely addressing underlying issues is not true representation.
    • Such token gestures can be counterproductive, further alienating those they aim to represent and stifling genuine dialogue about diversity and inclusion.
  • Racism, Bias, and Aggression:
    • Margarita’s recounting of an incident at a forum is a stark reminder of the biases that persist. Her attempt to raise the topic of diversity was met with aggressive silencing, indicative of the broader culture of intolerance.
    • Such incidents are not isolated anomalies. They reflect a pervasive resistance to change and a reluctance to confront deep-seated biases.
  • Mental Health and Well-being:
    • The mental and emotional toll of navigating an industry rife with biases is immense. Margarita underscores the unique mental health challenges faced by ethnic crew members, challenges that are often overlooked or inadequately addressed.
    • The industry’s current mental health initiatives, while well-intentioned, often miss the mark. They fail to cater to the specific needs and experiences of minority groups, further exacerbating feelings of isolation and alienation.
  • Superficial Engagement with Trending Topics:
    • Margarita points out that certain topics, like mental health, become trendy. Some industry players superficially address these issues, hoping to align with current trends without genuinely understanding or addressing the underlying concerns.
    • Such superficial engagements can be counterproductive, offering only temporary solutions and failing to bring about meaningful change.
  • The Illusion of Progress:
    • The industry often projects an image of progress and inclusivity. However, the reality, as highlighted by Margarita, is starkly different. There’s a pressing need to move beyond superficial measures and address the root causes of biases and discrimination.

Margarita’s insights offer a sobering look at the challenges faced by women and ethnic minorities in the yachting industry. While the industry might be making strides in certain areas, there’s a long way to go in terms of genuinely addressing and rectifying these issues. Margarita’s experiences serve as a clarion call for introspection, dialogue, and meaningful change. The industry must confront its biases head-on, fostering an environment where all individuals, regardless of their gender or ethnic background, can thrive.

Margarita Interview

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