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Sales in the Maritime Industry: Building Relationships and Understanding Client Needs

The maritime industry, particularly the yachting sector, is a unique space that demands a specialized approach to sales. With the rise of technology and the changing dynamics of the industry, sales professionals need to be adept at understanding client needs and building lasting relationships. Below is from an interview with Nikusia Kooijmans – Interview Link

The Importance of Listening:

One of the key takeaways from the interview is the significance of listening. Contrary to the stereotype of salespeople being smooth talkers, the real skill lies in active listening. As the Nikusia mentions, “It’s not just the talking that sells the project; it’s the listening and being still and understanding what they need.”

“The main thing you need to be able to is to listen because we need to listen to what our clients want to do, what they find their main priority, what they find is important.”

Building Relationships:

In the yachting industry, building relationships is paramount. It’s not just about selling a product or service; it’s about understanding the client’s lifestyle, preferences, and desires. Whether it’s bonding over a fun night out or discussing personal matters, establishing a connection is crucial.

“It’s the relational aspect and you need to figure out how to get a mutual relationship between the two of you.”

The Changing Dynamics of Sales in Yachting:

The perception of sales within the yachting industry is evolving. The younger generation is making its mark, bringing fresh perspectives and approaches. While experience is valuable, being open, honest, and confident in one’s abilities can bridge the gap.

“I know I look relatively young and sometimes that can be a problem… but for me, I don’t necessarily see that as a problem because I’m just open and honest about it.”

The Role of Technology in Sales:

With the rapid advancement of technology, sales professionals in the maritime industry need to focus on the experience rather than the technical details. Clients are more interested in the overall experience – whether it’s enjoying their favorite song on Spotify while on the sundeck or having a seamless entertainment system on board.

“Really focus on the experience rather than what you’re selling, which is boring technology basically.”

The Future of Sales in the Maritime Industry:

The future of sales in the maritime industry lies in embracing diversity, understanding the importance of sustainability, and continuously adapting to the changing landscape. As the industry evolves, sales professionals need to be at the forefront, driving change and ensuring that client needs are always met.

“We need to go to the schools and talk about it with them, show them what the yachting industry is, show them that we focus on innovation.”

Sales in the maritime industry is not just about closing deals; it’s about understanding the client, building relationships, and delivering an unparalleled experience. As the industry continues to evolve, sales professionals need to stay ahead of the curve, embracing new challenges and opportunities.

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