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The Electric Boat Market – The push for electrification

The boating industry, like many others, is undergoing a transformative shift. As sustainability and eco-friendliness become paramount, businesses must adapt to stay afloat. One man leading the charge in sustainable boating is Joseph Visconti of Twin Vee PowerCatsForza X1, and Aquasport Boats 

The Push for Electrification

The transition to electric boats is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. As Visconti notes, “Our goal has been to create a family-friendly, safe, usable, affordable, mass-produced electric boat that caters to the core 22 to 26-foot family market.” The drive for this change is multifaceted. Visconti recalls the sight of oil in marinas, describing it as “dead water.” He emphasizes, “We feed our children out of these waters. On certain days, they’re just not clean.”

Efficiency and Maintenance

Electric boats offer numerous advantages over their traditional counterparts. Visconti shares his experience with electric cars, stating, “Electric motors have 90% fewer moving parts. My Tesla gets its services done through an update and a cell phone. There’s no oil, no spark plugs.” This reduction in maintenance is a significant selling point for electric boats.

Infrastructure and Charging

One of the challenges of electric vehicles is the infrastructure for charging. However, Visconti points out that for marine electrification, the infrastructure is already in place. “You’ve got shore power on every marina and almost every dock across the country,” he says.

Overcoming Obstacles

The primary challenge in the electrification mission is the battery. With the automotive industry’s transition, the demand for batteries is high. Visconti mentions different battery chemistries and the challenges associated with them. However, he remains optimistic, stating, “Batteries will ultimately become commoditized.”

Addressing Range Anxiety

A significant concern for potential electric boat owners is range anxiety. Visconti addresses this, stating, “Marine electrification works for weekend, family-friendly outings. You’re not going to take electric boats 100 miles offshore yet, but for day boats, weekend warriors, it’s perfect.”

The Importance of Safety

Safety is paramount, especially when introducing new technology. Visconti emphasizes the need for electric boats to be safe, stating, “A mother standing in a showroom won’t put her children on a boat unless she knows it’s 100% safe.”

The Future of the Boating Industry

When asked about the industry’s direction over the next decade, Visconti envisions a shift towards more leisure and experiences. He believes boat clubs and boat-sharing apps might grow in popularity, catering to a generation more interested in experiences than ownership.

The Role of Public Companies

Visconti’s experience in taking companies public offers a unique perspective. He believes that public companies can create more wealth and value for stakeholders than private ones. He advises those considering going public to “just do it,”emphasizing the potential for growth and value creation.

The boating industry is at a crossroads. With leaders like Joseph Visconti at the helm, there’s hope for a sustainable, eco-friendly future. As businesses adapt and innovate, the waters ahead look promising.

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