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Three Critical Pillars of Effective Selling in the Marine Industry

This article delves into the three critical pillars of effective selling. These pillars are Problem, People, and Process, each playing a pivotal role in the sales journey.

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1. Problem: The Foundation of Effective Selling

The first pillar, Problem, is about understanding the customer’s needs and challenges. Businesses don’t buy products; they buy solutions to problems or ways of capturing opportunities. This perspective shifts the focus from the product to the customer’s needs. This could mean understanding the specific challenges faced by customers, whether it’s about improving efficiency, safety, or cost-effectiveness.

“Without the context of a problem that a customer wants to solve… any discussion around product feature price makes no sense.”

2. People: The Human Element in Sales

The second pillar, People, emphasizes understanding who is impacted by these problems and their perspectives. Over the last decade, the number of people involved in B2B purchases has increased significantly, making it essential to understand everyone’s perspective. This could involve engaging with various stakeholders, from the crew on the ground to the executives making the purchasing decisions.

“The more people that you can get to understand their perspectives of the problems you’ve uncovered… the better chance you have of winning.”

3. Process: Navigating the Buying Journey

The final pillar, Process, involves understanding the buying process of the customer. This includes knowing where the prospect is in their decision-making process and how to guide them to the next stage. This might involve understanding the compliance and due diligence processes that companies go through before making a purchase.

Becoming a Problem Solver

The essence of effective selling in the marine industry, is to become a problem solver, not just a product pusher. This approach requires a deep understanding of the customer’s problems, the people involved in the decision-making process, and the process itself. By mastering these three pillars, sales professionals in the marine industry can significantly enhance their effectiveness, leading to more successful outcomes and long-term customer relationships.

“Become a problem solver, not a product pusher.”

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