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Top 4 Strategies for Handling Internet Leads in the Marine Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the marine industry, the digital realm has become a crucial battleground for securing leads and driving sales. Mastering the art of handling internet leads is not just a skill but a necessity for staying afloat in this competitive market. This article delves into the top four strategies to effectively manage internet leads, ensuring that your approach is as streamlined and effective as your vessels.

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1. The Power of the Phone Call:

Look, you gotta dial and make the calls. If you got a phone number, you’ve got to make the calls. In the marine industry, where details matter and transactions are significant, the personal touch of a phone call can make a monumental difference. When a lead comes in, it’s crucial to act swiftly. You’ve got to get them while they’re hot. Don’t let them cool off. This immediacy reflects the urgency and passion necessary in the marine sales process.

2. Text Messaging: A Modern Lifeline:

In our fast-paced world, text messaging serves as a vital tool in lead management. Most of my customers, they enjoy working off of text message. In the marine industry, where clients are often on the go, text messaging can be a direct and efficient way to provide information, answer queries, and maintain engagement. Sending a personalized message with a photo can significantly enhance this interaction, as people need to see who they’re dealing with.

3. The Impact of Video Messaging:

Video messaging is a powerful tool for creating a personal connection with potential clients. Video gives you the chance to create familiarity and connection before you connect. In the context of marine sales, a video showcasing a boat or providing a virtual tour can be incredibly effective. It’s important to ensure the video is clear and accessible across different devices, as if the video is too big, it won’t go through, and then there’s a good chance that it will go through distorted.

4. Email: Your Digital Anchor:

Email remains a cornerstone in digital communication, especially when other contact methods are unavailable. Always have a nice picture of yourself saved on your computer, to add a personal touch to your emails. Offering a direct phone number and a quick call to action, like “when can we jump on a quick 30-second phone call,” can significantly increase engagement.


Handling internet leads in the marine industry requires a blend of traditional and modern communication methods. By integrating phone calls, text messaging, video messages, and emails into your lead management strategy, you can navigate the digital seas with confidence. Remember, the scoreboard is what matters, and with these strategies, you’re set to score big in the marine industry.

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