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Unlocking Organizational Growth: The Power of Employee Experience

In the quest for organizational growth, a critical yet often overlooked element is the employee experience. The people who work with us are one of the greatest sources for your growth as an organization. Focusing on employee experience can be a game-changer for businesses.

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Understanding the Employee Experience

Employee experience is not just about creating a pleasant workplace; it’s about understanding and optimizing every touchpoint in an employee’s journey within the organization. We have spent billions of dollars improving customer experience… but we have a people and process problem. The key is to align employee activities with organizational goals effectively.

The Role of Technology and Processes

A significant aspect of enhancing employee experience is the efficient use of technology and processes. The average salesperson only spends 28% of their time selling… we do not have a technology problem; we have a people-in-process problem. Organizations need to streamline processes and leverage technology to free up employees’ time, allowing them to focus on core activities that drive growth.

Empowering Employees for Better Customer Engagement

Empowering employees directly impacts customer engagement and satisfaction. If the sales rep doesn’t have the right tool… that’s not a great experience for the seller, and it’s not customer-oriented. By equipping employees with the right tools and information, organizations can ensure that their workforce is more engaged and productive, leading to better customer experiences.

Leadership and Management’s Role

Leadership is key in defining the employee experience. Leaders need to embody a dual focus: achieving current targets while also driving transformation and innovation within the sales organization. However, there’s often a gap in preparing high-performing salespeople for managerial roles, particularly in areas like project management and organizational change. These individuals, though excellent in sales, may lack the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively navigate and lead such initiatives

Practical Steps for Improvement

  • Journey Mapping: Mapping out the customer journey and correlate it with the employee’s journey. This exercise helps identify areas where processes can be automated or eliminated, freeing up more time for core activities.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Implementing real-time feedback mechanisms can significantly improve processes. A government agency reduced a process time from 14-15 months to just three by actively engaging employees in process improvement.
  • Management Focus: Managers should spend more time on high-impact activities like coaching and mentoring, rather than just focusing on administrative tasks. 47% of salespeople would not spend one dollar for one hour of their manager’s time.

Focusing on employee experience is not just about creating a better workplace; it’s about strategically aligning employee efforts with organizational goals. If we fail our sellers, they don’t hit their numbers… You want them to strive to just be the best salespeople they can be because in the end, it benefits not only your customers but it benefits the company as well.

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